Professional Associations

We are independently owned and operated, which means the client is our only boss. We operate as fiduciaries in support of clients’ best interests, allowing us to provide one of the widest ranges of investment choices available in the industry – we call this open architecture. We have no company-owned investment products like many other firms, so we have no pressure to sell particular products. Our size and scale provides many benefits, while preserving the broadest range of price options so clients can choose what best fits their needs.

Our Professional Associations

  • The nation’s largest independent broker/dealer1
  • Open architecture investment platform
  • Investment research


  • Operating as an investment fiduciary
  • One of our portfolio partners

More About LPL Financial

We operate in a highly regulated industry with complex reporting, regulatory and compliance requirements, so our advisors have affiliated with LPL Financial to provide a majority of these functions. LPL also custodies (holds) most investments and is the service provider for account bookkeeping, statements, tax reporting, etc. Today LPL is the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer,* providing knowledge, technology, and experience in a complex and ever-changing industry, allowing us to provide one of the widest ranges of investment choices available in the industry. We call this open architecture.

LPL offers no proprietary investment products and has no investment banking operations, so they do not pressure advisors to sell particular products. Being independent aligns our interest with clients, not the firm. As a result, we are able to make informed recommendations based on objective research and clients’ individual needs.

LPL Research

LPL’s Research Department is one of the largest independent and objective research teams in the industry. They have 40+ investment professionals, who have 35+ advanced degrees and certifications, staffed with dedicated analysts, strategists and investment specialists. LPL has no proprietary products to sell and no investment banking relationships to cultivate. Click the links below to learn more.

LPL Research At A Glance

LPL provides updated information weekly, monthly and annually with updates and outlooks on the market, the economy and investment strategy. Click here to discover more. 

More about The Wealth Consulting Group, LLC 

The Wealth Consulting Group (WCG) operates as our registered investment advisor, which allows us to serve our investors in a fiduciary (aka advisory) capacity. Traditional investing operated primarily in a transactional brokerage or commission-only capacity, and we still have this option available if clients prefer it. Having a fiduciary standard of care puts us on the same side of the table as clients by aligning our interests, and enables us to have investment research systems, management and monitoring processes that ensure clients’ best interests are above all others. In the same way that as advisors we have made a choice to affiliate with LPL, we have also selected WCG because of the flexibility and research that they provide to a select group of financial advisors.  

While we operate under the business name Cornerstone Financial Advocates, our practice remains independently owned, controlled and operated. Many large firms, including those with nationally recognized names, employ their financial advisors, which could make the choice of who to serve first – the firm or the client – challenging. Because we serve as independent advisors through these affiliations, we can be sure YOU are our only concern.  

1 As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2022, based on total revenue.

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