15 Oct
Politics and Investing


Spoiler alert:  If you’re looking for a clear cut indication that says ‘If <insert candidate name> gets elected, the market will go up/down’, the data simply doesn’t support that.  It’s not true that one party is better for the stock market than another.  Please check out our website for research and analytical studies on a wide range of topics including politics, Covid-19, the economy, global factors, etc.

That being said, investors are nonetheless expressing legitimate concerns about our current political environment – who wins and who loses, and how that might impact the stock market.  So, please find a short video below by LPL’s Research team – Stocks and the Election, as well as a more detailed presentation (attached) from our Cornerstone Investment team, titled Political Election Implications.  We keep our website updated with a wealth of information you might find useful. 

In general, I would encourage investors to not play politics with their portfolios.  And if you have concerns, let’s talk.  There are strategies and tools available for us as investors, and we can review these specifically.  Each investor is unique, but chances are we’ve already been taking proactive steps during the past several years as our lengthy and most recent economic expansion has matured. 

As investors, taking a careful, prudent, and principled approach to your complete and specific financial picture remains one of the most important things we can do to provide for your best possible outcomes.  When you’re online at AccountView, spend time on WealthVision - your secure personal financial portal.  This is a great place to work on things you can control, as opposed to things that are beyond our control.  Be careful of the “This time it’s different” notion, which is a temptation to throw out prudence and principles.  Yes, today’s situation and circumstances are unique, and it does feel like a strange time, politics or not.  Fortunately, during this time we do seem to be more concerned about our own well-being, for our families and friends, and for of our fellow human beings…and I hope that perspective continues. 

Me and my team are here for you as always, backed by the deep and extensive resources we have thru Cornerstone and LPL Financial.  Let us know if you have concerns, questions, or want to review anything.

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Thu, Oct 15, 2020

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